Sunday Sauce alla Scorsese

Catherine Scorsese makes Sunday Sauce Italian Gravy in her apartment

on Elizabeth Street, Little Italy, New York …

“This is what my mother in-law taught me. You take a few tablespoons of tomato sauce, and put in here (with the chopped meat).”

“It keeps the meatballs soft. Not like some people. You get invited to some peoples house, and the Meatballs are hard. I better be careful. I have a lot of friends. If they see this.”

At The Home of Catherine and Charles Scorsese

Elizabeth Street, New York NY



by Martin Scorsese

Starring : Catherine Scorsese and Charles Scorsese

with Martin Scorsese


Charlie : “I remember the first Radio we got. It was in the shape of a Church.”

Charlie :  “Sometimes it’s been known, that a man is a better cook than a woman. It’s the truth.”

Catherine : “Then, why don’t you cook?”

Charlie : “It’s not my thing.”

Catherine : “We didn’t have our Honeymoon, so went to Italy years later”

“This is us in Palermo. That’s my aunt. She’s 80 years old. That’s me standing.”
Marty has Dinner with his parents Catherine & Charlie, at their home on Elizabeth Street


Marty : “It’s California Wine, it’s not Italian.”

Charlie : “There’s more Maccheroni coming out”

Catherine :  “I made a pound of maccheroni. And there’s some meat they can have.”

Marty : “You want some cheese”

Charlie : You want some Mozzarell Cheese?”

“I get it from my sisters, They have a garden, and they give it to me. It last all year.”

Marty :  “You have some Cheese? The kind I like”

Marty : “That’s it. That’s the kind I like. What is it”

Catherine : “Cheese in a Basket”

Marty : “No what do you call it?”

Charlie : “That’s what we call it. Cheese in a Basket”

Marty :  “No what is its name?”

Charlie : “Cheese in a basket. It’s Special Cheese”

Marty : “No, isn’t that Ricotta?”

On Filming – It Not You Murray

Catherine  “He got my up 5 O’Clock in the morning to make Spaghetti.  He had to have a scene with hot Spaghetti. It was up in the Bronx. It was freezing up there.”

Charlie “Yeah Ricotta. It’s special cheese.”

Catherine:  “Come on, the Raviolis are getting cold!”

Marty : “Where is that Mozzarella from?”

“That’s DiPalo, it’s famous”






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  1. Reblogged this on BRUT IMPERIAL ANTARCTICA and commented:
    I was looking for the baked cheese in this script. I thought that’s what it meant, but I don’t have the time right now to look at the videos. I just thought the script from their home movie was funny. I thought it was a real movie, I was wondering what it was? You know, a funny mob movie but that was sad because what was funny about it was that no one was funny except in themselves. Oh well, that’s what it’s not.

    So I thought I would reblog this for whoever has more time. I need to find an Italian baked cheese recipe now. I will.


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