Italian Americans Make Sunday Sauce on Black Friday



An Italian American Family in New York

CLEMENZA with His SAUSAGE & MEATBALLS “He’s gonna Shove them in The SAUCE” He Shows Michael (AL Pacino) how to make SAUCE for 20 GUYS (Mobsters) From Francis Ford Coppola’s “The GODFATHER” Based on the Novel by Mario Puzo FAICCO’S PORK STORE Greenwich Village, New York We’re making Clemenza’s Mob War #Godfather Sunday Sauce (Gravy) on Black Friday. We’re not gonna waste our time waiting on lines, getting all “Bent Out of Shaped,” and stressed out like those people who shop on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. No, our day is going to be a whole lot better and more fulfilling than fight traffic and crowds. We go down early in the morning to our local Italian pork Store Faicco’s on Bleecker Street to get all our stuff for our tasty Sunday Sauce.  I pick up all the meats I need to make the my Sunday Sauce alla Clemenza. I need Italian Sweet Sausages, Braciole, San Marzano Tomatoes, and Maccheroni. We go home, to get the Sauce started.  RECIPE alla CLEMENZA Making the MEATBALLS Ready to COOK Here’s our Ingredients Sausages, Pork Neck, Braciole Tomatoes and Ground Meat for our Meatballs Notice our fine nottle of Italian Wine. Barbi Brunello di Montalcino A special wine for some special sauce. RECIPES in The BOOK GODFATHER SUNDAY SAUCE alla CLEMENZA CHARLIE SCORSESE’S GOODFELLAS SAUCE alla PRIGIONE SUNDAY SAUCE alla BELLINO JOE DiMAGGIO’S MOTHER’S SUNDAY GRAVY And More … The BELLINO’S Make SUNDAY SAUCE ITALIAN GRAVY In LODI, NEW JERSEY SUNDAY SAUCE on FRIDAY Cousins Daniel and Anthony Bellino make their family’s famed Sunday Sauce Gravy  at Anthony’s fathers house in Lodi, NJ .. They are keeping up a family tradition that they’ve been partaking in since they were young boys in the early 1960’s America. Daniel even wrote a couple books that are themed around this most important subject of SUNDAY SAUCE  Italian Gravy. Daniel likes to put Pork Spare Ribs in his sauce, which he says, “Oh my God, the Ribs in the Sauce? When you cook Spare Ribs in the Gravy, you just can’t believe how tasty they are. The are so succulent and juice. They taste so Dam Good. Even better than BBQ Ribs, which I love as well. But the Ribs in the Sunday Sauce taste even better, believe it or not? I kid you not.”  Our Thanksgiving Turkey “We had this yesterday. It came out Dam Good.” Like all Good Italians, we started our Thanksgiving Dinner with a little Antipasto Misti of Salami, Provolone, Olives, Celery and Roast Peppers. The we sat down for a portion of Rigatoni Bolognese, made with my Famous ragu Bolognese Sauce. The we take an hour break, before sitting down for the Turkey with all the trimmings. Our Turkey came out so good. We take another hour break before sitting down for all our desserts, which included; Pumpkin Pie, Coconut Custard Pie, Pecan Pie, “Wow, that’s a lot of Pies?” We have Espresso, Cannolis, and Italian Cookies, and a couple shots of Amaro to finish it all off, and another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Yes, many families will go shopping on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, but not us. We’ll be eating Sunday Sauce on Friday and having Meatball Parmigiano Sandwiches on Meatball Parm Mondays. Now that’s Italian! What would you rather do? Fight Traffic and crowds and lines at the shopping malls, or eat Sunday Sauce and Meatballs? I know what I’ll be doing. Me, my family and friends. We Mangia Bene Tutto! Basta!

Author Daniel Bellino Zwicke on Italian Thanksgiving and eating Sunday Sauce  on Black Friday  …. Vecchio Amaro del Capo Amaro from Calabria A favorite Amaro for those “In the Know” We drank this and Montenegro on Thanksgiving RECIPE for The WORLDS BEST RAGU BOLOGNESE .










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