Italian Grandma Authentic Meat Sauce Ragu Recipe


She Hand-Grinds the MEATS


NONNO is Filling up bottles with OLIVE OIL


Real Authentic Italian Grandma Meat Ragu Recipe

This Italian Grandma (Nonna) Makes an Awesome Meat Ragu. She buys whole cuts of
Beef, Veal, and Pork and grinds the meat by hand at home in her hand-cranked Meat-Grinder.
She also grinds the Carrot and Celery for the recipe in the meat grinder.

There’s nothing like a homemade slow simmered Italian Meat Ragu, like this one or the famed
Ragu Bolognese ..  Learn how to make a Bolognese , or any of the various Italian Meat Ragu (Sugo) and “the World is Yours” .. They are so delicious, and once you know how to make one and make it for friends and family they will love it. It’s really one of the greatest things on Earth, and something everyone should know and have in their cooking repertoires, so learn How to Make One. “all the Best.”



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